I’ve been away from my blog for a while, partly because I couldn’t tear myself away from Civilization V, and partly because I’ve been working on a new project. It is a mock-serious website that highlights the dangers of vampire hedgehogs. These vicious creatures are spreading through the native hedgehog population, and are highly aggressive towards other animals and even humans. A brave group of men and women known as the Vampire Hedgehog Hunters are dedicated to fighting this menace to public safety, using pitchforks, shotguns and ride-on mowers.

While this is not a game as such, it does have roleplaying elements – the alternative reality world and the chance to invent a character and interact. The website includes forums where you can post your own vampire hedgehog sightings and encounters, or swap hunting tips. I’d be really pleased if you want to take part or tell other people about it.

Be aware that I’ve already had comments from people who think it is real. This just makes it extra funny.

Check out Vampire Hedgehogs now.

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