I just got my hands on Civilization V. There’s a big change in how combat works, but other than that everything is pretty familiar – a few tweaks here and there. Much the same as a new edition of Warhammer or 40k, they haven’t changed the core gameplay that everyone knows and loves. So I was settling down for an enjoyable but not particularly novel few weeks of civilization building when I spotted, hidden away in small print on the huge lists of tech and units, three little words: Giant Death Robot. I now have but one goal – conquer the world with huge stompy death machines. I really hope they have death ray eyes.

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A lot of gamers seem to expect GW to behave like the governing body of a sport – the FIFA of Warhammer and 40k – issuing statements on the Official way to play, and deciding what is Legal to use on your table-top.  “Dear Jervis/Alessio/Mat/Mail Order Troll, my opponent won’t let me play with Forge World rules/a variant army list from an old White Dwarf/rules I made up for my scratch-built Possessed Ogryn jump-packers/Chaos Dwarfs. Please tell him he’s wrong.”

Now of course any tournament will have to make a ruling on this kind of thing. GW stores may also impose restrictions for customers playing on their gaming tables, but that’s more because they want up-to-date models on display. But in the comfort of your own battlefield, you really should be able to reach an amicable agreement without running to daddy to adjudicate the argument. If you can’t even sort this out yourselves, what hope is there for the rest of the game? As long as you both enjoy the battle, who cares what pieces of plastic/metal/resin/meccano you are pushing around? The hobby police aren’t going to come abseiling through the window, slap you in aquila-adorned handcuffs and confiscate all your models.

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