A lot of gamers seem to expect GW to behave like the governing body of a sport – the FIFA of Warhammer and 40k – issuing statements on the Official way to play, and deciding what is Legal to use on your table-top.  “Dear Jervis/Alessio/Mat/Mail Order Troll, my opponent won’t let me play with Forge World rules/a variant army list from an old White Dwarf/rules I made up for my scratch-built Possessed Ogryn jump-packers/Chaos Dwarfs. Please tell him he’s wrong.”

Now of course any tournament will have to make a ruling on this kind of thing. GW stores may also impose restrictions for customers playing on their gaming tables, but that’s more because they want up-to-date models on display. But in the comfort of your own battlefield, you really should be able to reach an amicable agreement without running to daddy to adjudicate the argument. If you can’t even sort this out yourselves, what hope is there for the rest of the game? As long as you both enjoy the battle, who cares what pieces of plastic/metal/resin/meccano you are pushing around? The hobby police aren’t going to come abseiling through the window, slap you in aquila-adorned handcuffs and confiscate all your models.

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  1. Max says:

    Id first like to say this last two months have been ace with EX members of the studio and yourself coming forward and putting on blogs and talking on podcasts (Gav T and Alessio) about their time and its a real eye opener seing how everything is put togther. Id really like to see the studio guys prehaps doing one off interviews abit more even from an offical stand point (put out by GW) as it gives us (referring to customers) abetter view from castle gamesworkshop.

    I think in regards to tournaments and what you said is very true, though i think everybody likes an offical standing espically for tournaments and organised play to an extent. And with the internet i think this has come to light more as alot of blogs and website covering games tend to focus on this side more so. I have floated round the 40k tourney scene and its never really bothered me, but i will admit the thing i get annoyed about is the consistency of FAQs (one codex is ruled one way and another the other). I know tournaments should make their own rullings, but i have to wonder why that is? I think that what generaly annoys tournment focused gamers more so than any others. I think the game problems is more highlighted by tournament players because of the way the game is played in comparison to friendly relaxed play and wanting a diffinetive answers for every situation (which isnt possible).

    I also know gamesworkshop doesnt make these games for tournaments which is fine, and its all about enjoying the hobby as a awhole and i have for the last 10 years. The whole GW thing has given immense amount of fun over that period.

    My only question is about why GW have changed the GT / TOS format. From reading White dwarf and chatting to JJ sometimes its comes across that he really doesnt like competitive tournaments and gaming. Now i could be wrong but to me thats how he has come across. I have spoken to him and he is a very nice and friendly guy and always happy to reply to questions which is ace!

    I know the old format had you guys running a free tournament (final), but could you of not just ran 4 seperate ones without a final? I had been to the last 3 years and had enjoyed all three of them and had met a variety of brilliant and very talented people. But with you removing the format and reducing the games and still charging the same, im alittle put off espically when i have to factor in travel and food. I read the reasons why you have changed but id like to know the fundemental reason. Was it money or accessibility to the tournaments a higher up descision? And how much of a input do the games dev guys have on this?

    I only ask as the 40k GT or Throne of SKulls was seen as the premier event for the UK for both WFB and 40k and it always sold out and had a large amount of foreign players come! Now its been redone to cover more of a hobby weekend, which is really what a campaign weekend really covers (big friendly games and playing loads of new random people)? A tournament is the same but with a slightly more competitive edge.

    Anyway ive rambled on enough, its great that you have come out and are writing about you times with GW! I hope more staff do!

    Btw what games do you play and what armies are you painting?



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