Sad news this week, as Rick Priestley announced that he is to leave the employ of Games Workshop. Rick has been pivotal in shaping GW as we know it. He wrote or co-wrote the first version of all the major games – Warhammer, 40k and the Lord of the Rings, as well as many of the original army books and codexes, and other games including Warmaster. Over the years he has continued to advise and mentor many grateful staff members, myself included.

It’s not clear exactly how voluntary Rick’s departure was. Certainly Games Workshop has shed quite a few long-standing veterans in recent times. Unfortunately, cutting back on the salary bill is a necessary evil when times are lean, and the needs of the company have to come first. On the other hand, maybe Mr Priestley simply decided it was time to retire.

I’m sure many of us will be looking out to see if Rick carries on writing. Knowing him a little, I have a feeling that he couldn’t stop if he tried. His most recent game was Black Powder, published by Warlord Games, which has been very well received as a refreshingly ‘old-school’ approach to historical wargaming. Warlord is headed by John Stallard, another former GW stalwart, and good friends with Rick, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they team up again on future projects. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Rick Priestley.

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